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Which is better Super AMOLED Vs Gorilla glass display

When its comes to smartphone display, you may have come across the different terminology like “AMOLED“, “GORILLA GLASS‘, “SUPER AMOLED” and many more. Now a days smartphone manufacturer are trying to provide better display especially in case of higher end mobile like Samsung Galaxy S2. They are protecting the display screen by covering it with a gorilla glass, while AMOLED is a special organic LED which makes display more sharp and clear.

AMOLED  (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) – This is basically a display technology mostly used in smartphones, tablets and LCD displays.

SUPER AMOLED - is thus a version of amoled display technology where the capacitive touch screen is directly a display touch screen, instead of lying it over traditional display screen. This technology give touch a pleasure. By using this technology the screen thickness reduces and less power is consumed. Now a days every new smartphone manufacturer are using this technology in their top end mobile devices.

samsung offering super amoled display

samsung offering super amoled display

Some feature offered by super amoled display technology are-

1- Power consumption which provides 20% more battery life

2- Superior sunlight readability which enables 80% less sunlight reflection.

3- Viewing angle which is about 180 degrees

4- Awesome  Contrast ratio of order of 100,000 to 1

5- Brightness is more about 20% brighter

The various AMOLED display available in market are-

Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED Advanced, Super AMOLED Plus and HD Super AMOLED.


Gorilla glass – This is basically a thin sheet of alkali-aluminosilicate glass, used for covering screen display of mobile phones, Ipad, Tablet and Laptop. This thin sheet of glass is used as damage and scratch resistance over mobile display screens.  The material used for manufacturing gorilla glass has great strength allowing allowing thin glass without fragility. This thin glass cover protects the display screen from being damaged.

Motorola showing gorilla glass covering

Motorola showing gorilla glass covering

Usually now a days most of the smartphones are coming with SUPER AMOLED as well as with GORILLA GLASS display. Samsung galaxy s2 comes with super amoled plus display with a gorilla glass covering.

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