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Top social media sites for business

Social media rose as the savior of small business firms after the hardships they faced in the period of recession. Social networking encouraged the businesses to pitch target customers directly over one common platform, which was not possible otherwise. Businesses can now have a straight contact with the customers and pitch them regarding the products they produce. Social media sites have also made it easier for the businesses to market their products without spending a fortune thus giving good ROI from social media. The current market environment pushes every business to go social. The whole definition of marketing and advertising has been revolutionized with the introduction of social media.

Here are some of the top social media sites for business:


  • Facebook :

social media sites for business

There is no need to describe the credibility of this social network. The member count of above 903 million proves it. Facebook has become the most popular hangout junction for both the business and customers. Using this social media site, the business owner can create a fan page for his own business. Once the business page is created, it becomes available for user likes. This is an interesting concept as it brings the business and its customers closer. Once the user hits like on the Facebook page, he becomes liable to receive regular updates from the business, including the new products that are launched in the company. Hence, the customer is more aware about the business aspects of the company and comes closer to the business.


  • Google + :

social media sites for business

With a member count of above 343 million users, Google+ has been regarded as one of the best social media sites in the market currently. Since, it is backed by Google, it is growing exponentially in the networking industry. It’s a nice platform in order to start conversations on topics based on people’s interests. Hence, there is more possibility on the Google+ platform to find target customers for the business. Using this platform, the business can come across some of the customers it has never encountered in the working run.  Every step that the business takes on this platform is monitored and backed by Google, so the prospects of the business become larger.


  • Twitter :

social media sites for business

With over 288 million users, Twitter comes third right after the likes of Facebook and Google+. It is an extremely popular platform where people tweet about trending topics. Celebrities are often found tweeting and promoting their movies and games. It is the best platform to attract attention from members that you have never come across before. The people who follow the business on Twitter get regular feeds based on tweets done by the business. Using this platform, a person can promote himself and the ease with which he can do it; places twitter as one of the best social media sites for businesses.


  • Linked in:

social media sites for business

With over 175 million users, Linked in works as the online resume for people. Using this platform, people can make useful business networks that help them in work. It showcases the skills, expertise and talent of the person in his profile.  Most of the businesses prefer to Google the linked in profile of a person in order to build more trust for doing business with him. Linked in is also used as a customer relationship Manager where it acts as a useful platform for businesses and customers to meet and communicate.


  • Instagram :

social media sites for business

With around 100 million users, Instagram gained popularity in the recent days. It is basically a photo share platform which is social in nature. Using the services of Instagram, a business can promote its products in the graphical way using pictures instead of text. It is a unique way of making promotions and advertising. Because of its creativity and uniqueness, Instagram is often termed as one of the most growing social media sites available in the market.

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  1. Facebook used to be the best social media site for business. But now that Google+ has been integrated with search that indexes your business page better, I say Google+
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted…app devMy Profile

  2. @Shaun, i completely agree with you. Google has made somewhat Google+ to be compulsory for SEO.
    Sudheer Pal recently posted…Top 5 Dropbox alternatives for cloud storage – Dropbox Competitors My Profile

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