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Top 5 Application you should have in new Android mobile

Android Has 75% of World Smartphone Market, so we can assume that many number of new android devices activates everyday. First of all you need to know is How to select an android mobile.

We buy android smartphone not only to make calls, but also to make use of its widely available facilities. Play store has millions of applications, but before tasting those, we could actually install these 5 application first.

1. Holo Launcher

Launcher Application Arranges every installed application in our mobile.

Holo Launcher -Android app

Every Brand has their own launcher installed in their mobile, but that might not be well as third party apps, because they provides us with lots of uses.

There are many launcher application but I personally suggest you to try Holo Launcher because it actually occupies a less amount of  RAM so you could expect a better performance than many other launcher application.

Holo Launcher -Android app

Holo Launcher has 1,000,000+ download and a rating of 4.6 in play store. Go Launcher has many facilities than Holo Launcher but it occupies lots of RAM that’s result in a poor performance in low-end smart phones

Holo Launcher -Android app

Download Holo Launcher From Play store


2. Memory Booster Lite
Memory Booster Lite is an application which helps in RAM management.

Memory Booster Lite - android app

As I said in my Previous Article, RAM plays an major role in the performance of Your phone. Assume this application like a Task manager for Android.

Memory Booster Lite - android app

It actually quick boost your android mobile by clearing caches , killing application running in background. We could actually get lots of RAM for better performance. Memory Booster Lite has 5,000,000+ downloads and a rating of 4.3.

Download Memory Booster Lite From Play Store


3. SMS Popup
Messaging has become the most used communication type around youngsters because of its quick delivery and it is also a cheaper way of communicating.
SMS Popup - android app

SMS POPUP gives you easy access to new messages. Stock messaging application doesn’t have popup notification so If you are in a game or application, assume that a SMS comes, you have to close that application and then you have to open that SMS by going to stock SMS application.

SMS Popup - android app

In case if you have SMS popup installed, you will get a popup notification even if you are in a game.

SMS Popup - android app

SMS POPUP has 1,000,000+ download and a rating of 4.5 in play store.

Download SMS popup from play store

4. Notification Toggle

Notification is also an unique feature when Android was launched.

Notification Toggle - android apps

Default Notification bar is good but when it comes to Notification Toggle it has many other features.

Notification Toggle - android apps

We can actually have more toggles if we use this application. Thus gives us easy access to services of android and application.

Notification Toggle - android apps

Notification Toggle Has 5,000,000+ downloads and a rating of 4.6 in play store
Download Notification Toggle from play store


Multimedia is the thing which brought many revolutions in the mobile world. I personally love to watch films in mobile while travelling.
MX PLAYER - android apps

In low-end smartphone, default stock player lacks rich video codec support. MX player has rich video codec support and other cool features like zooming, cropping. So you will be able to play lots of video format in your android mobile.

MX PLAYER - android apps

MX player has 10,000,000 downloads and a rating of 4.7 in play store.
Download MX player from Play store

You Could actually explore play store for many other cool apps, make sure you subscribe to our news letter for keeping yourself updated.

Top 5 Application you should have in new Android mobile (Video)

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