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How to synchronize Dropbox using Dropbox folder sharing?

As you all know, Dropbox is amongst the best cloud storage services that has become an inevitable tool for many of us. The main reason for its popularity is its efficiency in keeping all our files synced with all our devices and our Dropbox database.  Dropbox provides many easy ways to share our files and folders across many devices. It proves immensely useful for groups or teams who are working on the same file together.  If you create a shared folder you can add more people into it and the files in that folder will appear in your teammate’s system too just like you see it.  All the members have equal rights and can add, delete or edit files within that Dropbox folder. The Dropbox business version gives much more control over team sharing of Dropbox files. However, certain Dropbox alternatives are now able to provide services at par or even better.

Now let’s see how this Dropbox folder synchronization is possible.

 How to share a Dropbox folder? – Dropbox folder sharing from Dropbox website.

  • Log in to your Dropbox account in the Dropbox site.
  • Then move to the list of your files and choose the folder that you would like to share. Remember, you cannot select a folder by clicking on the icon or folder name (It opens the folder if so done). Instead, you will have to click on the empty space to the right of the folder name.
  • Now you can share the folder by simply clicking on the Invite to Folder button in the toolbar. If it’s already shared then click the Shared folder options.

Sharing dropbox folder - dropbox tutorial

Sharing dropbox folder - dropbox tutorial

  • Now enter the email addresses of your teammates to invite them. You can also enter a personal message, if you would like to.
  • Now hit the Share folder button.

This can also be done from the Sharing page. Or if you want to create a new shared folder then you can make use of the New Shared Folder at the top of the page. You can also invite more people to an existing shared folder by clicking on its options.

Dropbox folder sharing on Windows

You are free to share a folder from your computer if you have installed the Dropbox desktop application. Follow the steps below to do it.

  • Open your Dropbox folder and select the folder you want to share and right click on it.
  • Now a menu will appear from which you need to select Share This Folder option.

dropbox folder sharing tutorial

  • The Sharing page on the Dropbox site will be opened in your default browser now.
  • You can enter the email addresses of your group members, can also attach a message if you want and click on the Share Folder button.

dropbox folder sharing tutorial

As always, the dropbox folder sharing  feature too has some drawbacks like – you cannot share a folder inside another folder and if you try to do it from the system it will prompt you the sharing options for the top level folder. Moreover, if multiple users open and edit a file simultaneously, Dropbox will save both the changes in separate files and won’t try to merge changes. Also, the main owner can only delete the members of the group (which could also be seen as an advantage).

Furthermore, you should not use shared folders or public folders for sharing for which you don’t have the needed rights. Hope this Dropbox tutorial helps you synchronize Dropbox using Dropox folder sharing option, letting you sync your office projects with ease.

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