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How to use twitter for business marketing?

Twitter has emerged as the top social networking website in the current scenario. Small businesses as well as large industries all make an efficient use of twitter in order to establish their authority online. Twitter is a knowledge sharing platform where people exchange information through tweets. The new ideas, business plans and services along with certain products are tweeted on this platform. Growing a business and marketing the products can be affected in the best way using a twitter platform. Once people follow the business, all the tweets jotted down by the company can be spotted by followers. This deed updates the users about new products launched by the company and aware them about services that can be availed. Here are some ways by which the company can use twitter for marketing :

1. Understand the reason behind your twitter presence :

In order to carry out effective marketing over the twitter platform, the company has to be precise in the reason behind its presence. Since twitter is a social networking platform, the business should facilitate marketing reforms by socializing with the other users. If the company pushes the other users to visit their website or blog, it might turn out to be disastrous for them. Thus, the main idea behind twitter presence must be socializing with other members rather than pushing the sales of products.

How to use twitter for business marketing

2. Experienced tweeters must be responsible for the maintenance of twitter account :

Some companies intend to hire interns for the maintenance of their twitter account in order to save on the extra bucks they would otherwise invest on a qualified professional. However, it can lead to the downfall of businesses twitter presence. Hence, the experienced professional must be given the responsibility to handle twitter operations of the company. Marketing on twitter is not an easy task and requires immense skills and expertise. In order to facilitate a strong marketing reform with the use of twitter platform, the company must employ experienced staff for this purpose.

3. Reveal the personal identity on Twitter :

Since Twitter is a social networking platform, it requires the companies to tweet not in the name of their business but in the name of the employee who handles the account. The identity of the business can be enclosed in the profile details. People connect with the twitter profile more when it works in the name of an individual rather than in the company’s name. Therefore, in order to gain more followers and establish an authority on twitter platform, the member should reveal his identity and now of his business while tweeting.

4. Follow the right people :

When it comes to following the people on twitter, the business should be very decisive. Once someone is followed on twitter, his tweets appear every time the business profile is opened by the employee. Some people like to tweet about un-important stuff which is not at all appropriate for the objectives and working environment of the business. Thus, such people should not be followed and the company must think twice before selecting the people to follow on twitter.

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  1. hi Sudheer,
    I completely agree with your point that while using Twitter, you should reveal your own identity.
    Also, while following people, you should be sure enough that the people you are following are those interested in your business.
    yogesh pant recently posted…OBJECTS CAN BE MADE INVISIBLE: METAMATERIALSMy Profile

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