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How To Select an Android Mobile

Mobile has become as a third hand for humans, communication has been made easier thanks to the strong and steady development of mobiles. If Non-Smartphone is like a apple, then Smartphone are like apple tree. I will proudly say that Android Smart phone is a garden which is full of Apple trees.

What is an Android?
Android is an open source operating System for Mobile, which was developed by Google. Android is based on UNIX and coded with C,C++ and java.

What is android?

Why Android Mobile?
Android mobile is available at any price range and of course i would like to quote it as a “cheap smartphone“. Android is known its customization and for widely available applications in Play Store ( known before as Android Market). As it is a open source OS , it is widely available. We could actually get cheap android phone in markets both branded and unbranded.

How to choose an android phone?
We cannot select an android phone based on a single good thing, we have to notice many things. I will explain every aspects below -

1. Screen Size
We have 3 inch phone and also a 5 inch phone, we should make sure it fits our hands. It should not be a bigger one and also a really smaller one. The reason why I mention Screen size is If it is big it will be difficult to hold.
Assume that we selected a small sized android phone, our thumb is big so it results in wrong on-screen selection.

2. Internal storage
Android does not allow us to Install Android application on external storage, so we need to select a android phone with high internal storage
People might say that we could move android application to external storage but the problem is an android app executes better only if it is located in internal storage. By the way some android applications cannot be moved to external storage.

3. Processor and RAM
Processor is the CPU of an android mobile, nowadays we have Android phone runs on quad core processor so I am not going to speak about processor but Make sure it does run on a single core to get good performance.
Processor speeds are denoted by MHz,GHz. Processor runs on GHz speed is better that doesn’t mean that Processor runs on MHz is bad. It is better to remain on safer side.
RAM (Random Access Memory) needs to be at least 512mb to get better Performance and Multitasking. Android applications automatically runs on background so it consumes lot of RAM so when we open a new app, it needs to occupy some RAM for performance. If the amount of RAM is less, it results in the slowdown of mobile process.
Android RAM optizer

4. Battery
Android Mobile eats a lot of battery power while performing operations, so it is necessary to have a android phone with high battery capacity. I would personally suggest you to have one External battery for Android mobile
Android battery optizer

5. Brand
Make sure you select the correct brand according to your location because some companies will provide updates only for certain region, well we have some special cases who never provides you with update :P
6. Others
Camera, audio quality and external storage option. That depends on your needs and every people have different tastes so I leave this to you.

Moreover there is huge support of android apps from android developers all over the world. There are tonnes of android apps available for almost every possible reason. These are top 5 android apps required for a newbie.

To conclude Make sure that you pick the correct thing which suits you personally. I personally feel that mobiles ranging from $180 to $200 will be the better pick.

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