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How to Maximize the ROI on Social Media?

ROI in social media

The growing importance of Social media in the social as well as business aspect of life has pushed many business concerns to register on websites like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, etc. Social media has emerged to be the top marketing tool for the industry. The popularity of social media can be adjudged by the fact that fashion retail online outlet MANGO sells 6 percent of its online products through the help of social media.

The impact of social media on the characteristics of the market can’t be ignored.  In fact social media can also help you making money from your blog. Using social media as a marketing and sales platform, a business can reach millions of potential customers registered on this platform. However, not every business concern is able to keep up to the pace and requirements of social media. Some get complacent about their business page due to the focus on other business factors and a few lose interest in social media after staying active for some time. This situation leads to the downfall of business reputation over the social media. In order to improve this situation and improve the ROI on social media, the business must consider the following tips:

Tips to improve the ROI (Return of investment) on Social media :

1.  Stay active :

Once the business page is created on the social media website, it should be maintained actively by employing regular updates and feeds to the business profile. The concept behind liking a business page is that the user should receive regular updates from the business about the launch of their new products, the discount on particular products and other important issues. Thus, in order to stay in touch with the customers, the business owner must log in 4 or 5 times into his profile during the day. Doing so, keeps the profile fresh and more interactive since it is the USP (unique selling proposition) of business promotion and it helps comprehensively in maximizing the Return of investment ( ROI) on social media.

2. Respond to the queries made by customer :

A customer sends the query to the product only when he is interested in the same. Thus, whenever a query is put up by the customer, it should be well responded within a quick time frame. A customer who does not get an adequate answer to his query drags away from the business. Therefore, in order to maintain the interactions with the interested customers, the business representatives must be active on the social media and respond to the queries in a quick manner.

3. Treat Social media as a platform for interaction with customers, rather than making business deals and partnerships:

With the growing popularity of social media, it has been inviting some spammers to its platform. Thus, a business should keep its prime focus as the interaction with customers rather than making deal with unknown business concerns over the social media. There are several examples of fraud being done to companies looking to partner other business firms over Facebook and other platforms. Thus, the key to maximizing social media Return of investment ( ROI) is to keep a regular touch with customers and not to get distracted by lures and offers made by unknown sources.

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