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How to get more twitter followers without following them

With the social media revolution at the market, Twitter has stepped up as one of the most effective social media website. It offers a great opportunity to the businesses of all scales to market their products and develop networking with potential business partners or the clients. However, the key to twitter success depends on the followers that the businesses possess. Once there is a substantial amount of followers assigned to the business, it obtains the power to market the products and services to the followers in an effective and efficient way. Hence, getting the followers for twitter profile plays an important role for deciding the authority of business on this social media platform. Here are some of the tips on how to get more twitter followers without following them:

1. Keep your Twitter profile bio updated :

For a business concern, it’s very important to keep its credentials and profile bio current. Doing this ensures that the tweeters who are interested in the business can easily contact the firm using the profile bio given in the business page. Without proper and updated information, the tweeters can be misled easily. The profile bio is the major platform using which a tweeter can contact the business he is interested in. Once the person is interested in the business activity and interactions with his owner, he is more likely to follow the business on twitter. Thus, in order to attract more followers to the business profile, it’s very important for the user to keep the profile information correct and up to date.

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2. Search at least 4 new people every day and tweet to them :

Twitter’s sole purpose is to enhance social networking and the businesses should walk on this route in order to gain more followers. They should target at least 4 new tweeters to approach and tweet to them. This increases the chances of the business to get followed by people.


3. Make use of hashtags in Twitter:

Hashtags are considered to be a useful tool when it comes to twitter search. Hashtags can help the business to find people who are interested in conversations about certain subject. Using hashtags, the tweeters can be filtered according to the understanding of the business. When some business includes hashtags in their tweets, the possibility of being found by tweeters becomes larger. Hence, using hashtags plays an important role in order to get more twitter followers without following them.


4. Participate in Twitter conversations :

The key to twitter success is the participation in topics that trend on twitter. If the people find tweets of a company interesting enough, they tend to follow the future tweets from the same. Therefore, the business should aim at participating and giving opinion in a popular conversation that triggers on twitter. The mindset and approach of the company can be determined by the tweets jotted down by them. Thus, in order to increase the possibility of being followed by members on twitter, the business should necessarily engage in the conversations that trend high on twitter.

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  1. Hey Sudhir !

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips …I’m following the tip of HashTags and found many followers through it ..The 2nd tip is unique and i’ll try it out .

    Pramod recently posted…Tips to stay secured over the Internet | With a service like TrueCaller being Hacked, should we trust online services to store our personal data?My Profile

  2. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter getting immense response in terms of promoting your online identity in the internet world. Quite useful article, looking for more reads from you. Thanks!
    Sasha recently posted…Increase Your Power To Think CreativeMy Profile

  3. @Sasha Yes…. Facebook, twitter and some more platform like stumble upon, instagram, pinterest are also equally helpful.

    Sure, you can enjoy our social media category, it contains really awesome articles.
    Sudheer Pal recently posted…5 Points To Remember While Guest BloggingMy Profile

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