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How to get more fans on facebook page for free

Facebook has served the purpose for many industries so far and it continues to outshine the other social media platforms with its credibility. With more than 700 million members, facebook is the most popular social media site over the web. For the businesses, whether small or large, facebook acts as a perfect marketing platform in order to promote their product and services. However, the success of a business firm on facebook depends on how many fans it possesses. It is not easy to garner fans for the facebook business page and requires some serious efforts from the user. However, if the strategy employed by the user is correct, it may lead to an ample of fans to his profile without paying a single penny. Here are some of those tips:

1. Drive the users to like your ad :

This can be initiated by targeting the right customer segment. The target market should be first assigned to the ad. Once the target market is determined, the ad should appeal to the people for likes. It should politely ask the users to like it, and because it takes just a click for the user to become a fan for the page, it does not post a big problem. The fan creation helps the firm in longer perspective because these fans get regular updates from the business and it helps in maintaining the CRM on social media. Since the promotion of products depend largely on how many likes are there on the page, the user must strategize his approach for getting multiple likes on his page for free.

 facebook page for business

2. Put the Facebook page URL on the destination page column :

While designing the Facebook page, the most important thing that the user must consider is that the destination URL typed in the field is of facebook business page. If the people are directed towards the facebook fan page, there are more chances for increasing the fan base. Thus, instead of directing the users toward company’s website, they should be deviated to the facebook page of company.


3. Send updates to the fans :

Most of the businesses focus on wall updates and never stress on sending mail updates to their customers. They are actually unaware of the service provided by Facebook and miss out on the chance of massive marketing through emails. Facebook offers the service where users can synchronize their marketing campaign with email id’s of their fans. Hence, whenever a new update is made in the business, it’s already sent in a mail to the fans.


4. The campaigns must be divided into production and test campaigns :

When a single ad is given more priority by the company, it consumes almost all the budget assigned to the campaign; therefore the ads should be divided into production and test campaigns. The ads should be tested with low budget and when they start performing on the Facebook platform, they should be assigned a higher budget. Thus, the user must act smart in terms of spending money on ads. This is a determinant factor of obtaining more fans for the business page and thus getting good ROI over social media.

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  1. Great article facebook is one of the best way to promote business and product but if we work properly
    so follow these steps and join groups and increase community

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