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Top 5 Dropbox alternatives for cloud storage – Dropbox Competitors

Every time the term ‘cloud storage’ occurs in our thoughts we end up associating it with Dropbox. That much is the fame Dropbox earned through its reliable services in a span of five years. Every success has competition and Dropbox is no exception. Inspired by Dropbox, many other known firms have launched services at par and better than Dropbox. In this article, we will explore such Dropbox alternatives.

If all of this sounds naive to you, you probably are not acquainted with Dropbox or cloud storage. I suggest you first get to know what Dropbox is, before reading further. In this post I have collected 5 best alternatives of Dropbox that are totally worth a try.

5 Dropbox alternatives

Best Alternatives to Dropbox


Box is considered to be the best alternative to Dropbox by far. Launched a couple of years before Dropbox, Box has got good user base to which it serves through three types of accounts – Enterprise account, Business account and personal account. The service is freemium styled with the free  account offering 5GB free storage. The other two paid accounts come with specific higher end features like enhanced upload speed, password protected sharing, user management, Google apps integration and many more.


TeamDriver also comes with three accounts types – Free , Personal and Professional. The free version gives a free storage of 2GB which can be extended further upto 10 GB through referrals. The feature that stands out in TeamDrive is its security algorithm. TeamDriver deploys AES-256 algorithm encryption for securing our data. Additionally, you can also choose between the default TeamDrive cloud or the own TeamDrive server.  Due to its inherent security attribute, TeamDrive is an ideal choice for enterprises.


SkyDrive is a relatively new inclusion in Microsoft’s greatly maligned Live services. But with SkyDrive Live got a major facelift. The super-star feature of SkyDrive that makes it try-able  is the luring 7GB cloud storage space that comes with the free account. This knocks off the competition to a large extent, letting SkyDrive make one of the best Dropbox alternatives. On the contrary, SkyDrive does not sync file and folders over LAN. Another noteworthy feature is that the files stored in SkyDrive can be accessed and worked on collaboratively with a team directly online through Office Web Apps.

Google Drive

How can any of the internet monarch Google’s services miss being in such top 5 lists?

The best part about Google Drive is that it is completely integrated with Google Docs. Therefore, naturally, Google Drive looks pretty much like Google Docs. Apart from the native Google Docs, there are many other third party apps ranging from business apps to leisure apps that can be integrated with our Drive. On the more, Google Sync app allows synchronizing selective folders unlike most other Dropbox alternatives and Dropbox itself. Google Drive gives 5GB of free space which can be upgraded. Google Drives allows viewing about 30 types of files without having to rely on different file specific software. Another great feature is that people viewing a file at the same time can chat with each other right inside Google Drive.

 Amazon Cloud Drive

Like most other cloud storage services, Amazon Cloud Drive provides 5GB free storage. The service is backed up the powerful, super fast Amazon server (which powers Dropbox as well). The best aspect about Amazon Cloud Drive is the whooping 2GB file size upload support for a single file. To enhance the security, Cloud Drive allows files/folders sync between only 8 devices. On the downside, Amazon does not allow sharing of the stored files and folders with public.

Looking at the features offered by so many known brands, it does not seem like a bad idea to get our hands of some of them. Does it?

After all, all these Dropbox alternatives offer free accounts too.

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  1. hi, Anu
    Nice post at all ,I think SkyDrive is an awesome cloud store with his facelift feature and microsoft’s third best service. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you
    Sohini Sen
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  2. While DropBox offers 2 GB of space for free initially, there’s a new cloud storage offer (from Barracuda Networks) that wants to attract DropBox users. It’s called “Copy” and offers 15 GB for free ( 20 GB if you use a referral link, for a limited time: )

    There’s no file size limit, and sharing files is done via a link – every time you click on “share” for a folder or file, an additional link is created, so that you can send different links of the same file to different people, and revoke access of each link separetely, if you need.

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