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Android Apps You might need In IPL 6

After 5 successful season of Interesting IPL , 6th season is all set ready to begin. IPL 6 is a day away from now. IPL 6 is set to begin with the opening ceremony featuring US Rapper Pitbull. To keep Yourself Updated with IPL,You should have a Android app for IPL. There are many such app in the play store, make sure you get the correct android app to enjoy the IPL season.

What is IPL?
Indian Premier League is T20 cricket league organized by BCCI (Board of control for cricket in India), an Indian organization. IPL 2013 features 9 teams with 76 possible games to be played.

What is the link between IPL and Android?
As everyone knows Android is the most used smartphone till date. Cricket is an international game, which has lots of viewers around the world. IPL is an international league where viewers can see their favorite players around the world competing with each others for IPL Franchise.

Android has lots of Application to keep yourself engaged with IPL. I will say the about 4 application we should stick during this IPL 2013.

Android apps for IPL6

BCCI is the official android application of BCCI, organizer of IPL.

BCCI android app for IPL6

This app edition is specially created  for IPL 2013. This application has lots of feature. Actually it shows the news, IPL points table, latest IPL news and IPL videos in the main screen itself you don’t need to switch options for each and everything.

BCCI android apps for IPL 6

The important thing I noticed in this application is it has All IPL rules and conditions in it. That means you could actually know the process of IPL running off screen.
BCCI android apps for IPL 6
It also has other notable features such as IPL squads, as earlier informed ipl has 9 teams playing for the trophy and the prize money.IPL Auction held every year to buy local and international players under contract basics that means it goes under lots of changes every year so it is necessary to known your favorite player presence in a franchise.

BCCI android apps for IPL 6
you might have seen the pulse question appearing while watching IPL, every one is curious to answer the pulse question and support their favorite team. no one wants to see their team losing even in the question contest. so you can actually answer the question from your android phone itself. it is actually similar to supporting your team by sitting in home.

Android apps of BCCI  for IPL6
Do you love to see only updates from your favorite team? it actually has that facility to do so. it also gives you exact calculation of remaining time of a particular match, as shown in the above picture.

Android apps of BCCI  for IPL6

Stats is nothing but the IPL Records. it actually contains the record of Most Runs in IPL, Most Wickets In IPL, Most Sixes in IPL and Most Fours in IPL; so that you could actually keep yourself updated with the statistics of IPL.
BCCI has 10000+ downloads and a user rating of 4.5

Download official android application of BCCI now

2. I.P.L 6 Score and Schedule
I was searching an alternative android app for the BCCI in play store because BCCI app lacks stability and does not work properly even with proper internet connection, as i always say play store give you lots of choices in widely available apps. I felt this application as a better replacement for the BCCI android application.

Android app - I.P.L 6 Score and Schedule
I.P.L 6 Score and Schedule uses simple User Interface Thus making it a really easy, user friendly app for IPL 2013.
What makes this app different from BCCI?
This app loads much faster than BCCI app, it contains the Squad of IPL team with the players picture. It also contains the carrier statistics of those particular players. In IPL Records it also contain Most hundred, Most fifties, super sixes, Most Man of the Matches and Individual high scores in IPL.
Android app - I.P.L 6 Score and Schedule

It has 10000+ downloads and also a rating of 4.7 in play store.

Download I.P.L 6 Score and Schedule android app now!

If BCCI app provides you with bread then I.P.L 6 Score and Schedule also gives you bread but also with JAM. This two apps are specially created for IPL. So far we have seen two Android app for IPL. Still we have many IPL Android app in play store, we also have two other cricket application but not meant for Android IPL app but for their websites. Download these two from below and share this articles to your friends in Facebook and twitter and let me enjoy uninterrupted fun throughout IPL.

Official app of

Official app of

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